Tone Your Body With The Right Exercises

Hey, guys!

Today we are going to show you how to stay toned all the day long just by making some of this exercises. The ones we chose are ready to be performed without equipment and no special set-up. This will make them your best friend in the morning when your body is struggling for energy. Ready to roll? Ok.

1) Burpees

Great workout that is all-body ready one. It will bring you a total body makeover. An ultimate day starter. This simple exercise is great for your chest, arms, abs and thighs and is good to burn fat as well if performed in HIIT routine.

How to perform burpees:

2) Push-ups

We already talked about this exercise a lot, but in short they are great for your shoulders, chest and arms in general. You can read more about in our previous article called Push-ups: Your New Best Friend. Check it out on how to perform push-ups the right way.

How to perform push-up:

3) Roundhouse Kicks

Chuck Norris in the house! No kidding this exercise will make you sweat a lot. It is performed with your leg having semicircular motion as you striking with the front of your foot.

How to perform roundhouse kick:

4) Planks

This one is still exercise that will bring stamina to the maximum and make you feel stronger. And NO, it’s not easy to stand still for a minute. Try it and will find out.

How to perform planks with variations:

5) Mountain Climbers

This great exercise strengthens your core, hips, and thighs. It burns calories as hell and is great to be combined with burpees and push-ups for building your ultimate fitness daily routine.

How to perform mountain climbers(beginner):

6) Crab walks

Helps your cardiovascular system to perform even better. This exercise is commonly performed by children in their physical education classes at school but is great for you too. It really works on hamstrings, glutes, abs, triceps, and shoulder muscles.

How to perform crab walks:

7) Donkey Kicks

Giving your butt new look. Strengthens your glutes and gives you great tone for you new day.

How to perform donkey kicks:

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