The Truth About The White Poultry Meat

Myth:White Poultry Meat is better than dark

The notion that you should be chicken about eating dark meat is without merit. What gives the dark meat of chicken or turkey its overcast appearance are high amounts of myoglobin, which provides oxygen to working muscles. Chickens and turkeys don’t fly, meaning they walk a lot, so their leg (thigh) meat is saturated with myoglobin while their breast and wing meats are paler due to low levels of this compound.

Compared to white meat, dark meat has only a few more calories and a measly extra 2 grams of fat per 3 ounces – hardly worth losing sleep over. What it does have, though, are some B vitamins, just as much first-rate muscle-building protein, plus more zinc and iron than white meat. Not to mention those juicy drumsticks are finger-licking good. So enjoy dark and white meat regularly as part of a well-balanced diet. One caveat, though: Leave the skin behind.