The Lies About the Green Coffee Weight Loss

This may seem a little blunt, but please bear with me. There is no supplement on the market or in the world that will cause you to lose weight on its own, and anything that claims to do so is either lying or incredibly dangerous.

The fact is that no matter what we do, our bodies are subject to the laws of physics.

If you ingest more calories than you burn, you will gain weight, while ingesting less than you burn will make you lose weight. Green coffee may slightly, slightly increase your metabolism, but no more than any significant source of caffeine. The results will also be more pronounced the leaner and more ‘sensitive’ your body is. This means that while bodybuilders, fitness models and the like may see genuine benefit, owing to a cultivated sensitivity, your average person looking to lose weight is likely to see no more difference than they could achieve with a cup of ordinary coffee!

And the before and after pictures you see on the testimonials? Bad news, most ‘before’ pictures are taken after the ‘after’ pictures. Sometimes even on the same day. It’s fairly well documented now that models have been paid to ‘cut’ into contest shape for a photo shoot, then pig out and bloat themselves for a second shoot to provide the ‘before’ shots. Some models have even been paid for old photos of them out of shape years before.

One other point is that, as with many supplements, green coffee extract is almost never used in isolation. People who see good results are usually changing other things at the same time, whether it be their diet, their fitness regime, or other aspects of their lifestyle.

Caffeine is caffeine. Is green coffee extract potentially more ‘pure’ or different in its mechanism of release compared to a cup of coffee? Maybe it is. But at the end of the day caffeine is a powerful supplement on its own and most of the additional benefits are most likely a placebo.

The Truth About Supplements As Green Coffee

Every supplement comes with a certain amount of ‘hype’ and green coffee extract is no different. The key is to exercise common sense and remind yourself of the following: Your training and nutrition will always make up more than 95% of your results. Given that no supplement can give you more than that 5% extra, it’s simply not worth investing a massive amount of faith in, let alone a large amount of money. Get your training and nutrition in line first and foremost. Then, if you want an edge, you can start to supplement and maybe get an extra edge.

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