Stay Fit During The Holiday Season

Autumn and winter are usually the seasons in which gaining weight is very easy, but there is a perfectly simple explanation of this phenomenon.

Most of us are thinking that the reason lies in the fact that there are many holidays during them and usually through holidays we are more willing to make compromises. Usually we tend to say to ourselves “It’s the holidays, I’ll start fresh in the New Year!” or “Its holiday I deserve this”.

Actually one of the mane things we have to change is our perception about the holidays. After all every day could be a holiday if we decide it or the holiday could be a perfectly normal day. We have to stop accepting “It’s the holiday” as an excuse.

So here are several advices we could give you to keep your shape during the holiday season:

Don’t Skip A Meal

If you think that cutting on or even skipping a meal so that you could look fabulous on the party tonight is a good idea, you are wrong. The only goal you’ll achieve this way is to look exhausted and nervous because of the hunger throughout the day. And instead of enjoying the party you will only be looking for food. So try something different this time. Make your breakfast and lunch a protein shake to balance blood sugar levels. Include plant-based (not soy) protein like chia seeds, frozen berries, unsweetened coconut milk and etc.

Cut On Sugar

Instead of candies and sweets that you’re used to consume during the day eat nutrient-rich, low sugar versions. Nuts for example, or a kind of vegetable. Change the regular cocoa with plant-based chocolate protein powder.

Increase Fiber Consumption

You have to know fibers are your best friends. Their effect is to actually slow down stomach emptying, lessens the hunger and balance blood sugar. What is more fibers are actually a bless for your digestive system. High-fiber foods are berries and apples, leafy greens, nuts and seeds. Women should get about 25 grams a day and men at least 35 to 40.

Don’t Skip Your Workouts

The cold whether or shopping for the holidays should not be an excuse not to train. During the winter, which is considered as the most depressing season, it is more than important to keep train. If you have many things to do on your list, try to ask a friend for help or redo your schedule with your trainer (if you have one). You’ll see that somehow after a good workout you have so much energy that you can do twice of the things you’ve planed for the day.

Track What You Are Eating

Probably you have herd that some people are making journal on what they’ve eaten or how many calories they have burned down during the day. You’ll be surprised how effective this method turns out to be. When you see the numbers actually written down you’ll be amazed how this will motivate you. And don’t stop there keep track not only of the income calories, but of the calories burned and don’t forget to weight and measure yourself at least once a week. This will help you understand what the problem is and on what you have to work on. If you’re not fan of paper and pen you can easily use your smart phone by choosing a suitable app for it.

So these are few advices which are easy to follow and actually do have effect. If you have some more advices or your own secrets on how to keep your weight during the holidays and not only please do feel free to share them with us.