Squats For A Great Butt

You want a great shaped butt and don’t know what to get it? This article is just for you. We will give you a great tip on having that sexy butt you ever wanted. Well you better consider including squats in your daily routine. This exercise is targeting almost every group of your muscles in the back and even your legs.

There are different variations to achieve the desired effect on your butt. And everything depends on the intensity and frequency of your exercises, this will give you the shape you like, not the repetitions. After starting this great squats routine you will need about 12 weeks or 3 months to see a really great change.

Squats Intensity In The Routine

You should include at least 3 sets of about 5 to 15 replies which must vary in every set. To make this exercise even intensed and achieve greater result use different weights in the different sets – heavier for shorter sets and lighter in the longer. The weight is individual, the best way to know if they’re right is that you hardly finish the set with that weight.

Squats Frequency In The Routine

As we said before, frequency is the next thing that matters in your routine that will lead you to the desired results. For a best result we advise you to perform this exercise two times a week with this high intensity we suggest you. This will make your muscles larger and firmer and this will shape your butt the way you are expecting.

Squats Variations For Best Results

You can find info on every squat in Google to find out how to perform it.

  • Front squats
  • Back squats
  • High squats
  • Wall squats
  • Bulgarian squats
  • Lateral squats
  • Jump squats

There are different squats available but this ones you should consider for your fitness routine.

How To Be Safe On Performing Squats

Before getting into high intensity warm up with light weights with about 15-20 replies. Stretch when your muscles are warm – this means before and right after exercise. If you feel any pain better stop right away because this could be a harbinger of a serious injury. You should consider consulting a doctor before starting any fitness program if you are not feeling right.