Push: Your New Workout Mate

There are plenty of fitness gadget on the market these days. Well, this one is different. It offers no gimmicks, only real measurements or that is what their website claims at least. However we can not underestimate the good looking design and the whole idea of this product. Push states it has been used from major NFL, NHL and NBA teams to track and analyze their training and games, information that is driven to the new push band today.

Push measures two main metrics that matters the most in everyone’s training, namely velocity and power.


Measuring power can be used to:

  • Allow athletes to compete regardless of the weight being lifted
  • Measure how hard each athlete is truly working

And measure velocity to:

  • Avoid under- or over-training by monitoring speed of movement
  • Optimize training load and volume based on training goals (Strength, Endurance, Speed)

All those metrics are collected and saved by a companion app to determine where intensity or weight could be increased.

There is already new measurement added to this released version of the product, which lacked in the beta version and it is the Total Work metric. This metric can not be used as a single measurement unit, but with the advance of technologies, now it has become the de facto choice for coaches to monitor how much stress is imposed on the athlete at the current workout.


Interesting fact about this gadget is that it has been possible through peoples approve. It has been successfully crowd-funded by Kickstarter’s campaign and has more than 2000 back-orders. Which make it possible to come to market today at a price level of 189 USD.

You can order yours from here.