Push-Ups: Your New Best Friend

If you are asking yourself what is the most easy to perform exercise we are here to tell you. Push-ups are may be the easiest exercise to perform as you can easily do it when you are at home or on a vacation, or on a business trip around the World. Everything you will need to perform push-ups is your body only. You do not need any additional equipment which makes this exercise perfect one for everybody. And yes, this already means that you can’t easily avoid due to a lack of equipment or time. It’s easy and fast as long as you are not performing more than 100 push-ups on a set.

As we already said push-ups are great and that is why they are in the middle of almost every workout session of fitness plan  invented. They build strength and have a lot of variations to keep your body busy. We have to mention that this exercise is not a calorie burner, because you burn approximately 1 calorie for a push-up.

How To Start With Push-Ups

Below you will find few tips to follow:

  1. Set your hands at the ground at less wider than your shoulders. This should be based on your experience and strength. So start by placing your hands the way it is comfortable to you and when you feel confident you can go for a wider grip;
  2. Make sure that your body is in a perfect line when in upper position and your arms are straight as well;
  3. Do not look down. Make sure you are heading slight ahead from you;

Making The First Right One In Your Life?

Try to go down until your arms make a 90 degree angle of you chest touches the floor. Do not let your body bend in any time of the performance. Keep your elbows tide to your body, do not let them fly away too much. Now push your body and back up again to the start position.

Well that was your first rightly done push-up. Let’s see if you can do 3 sets of 10 regular push-ups. If you can you are in a great condition to start performing them everyday from now on. If you can’t, try doing 3 sets of 10 knee push-ups or wall push-ups instead. After few days try again regular ones and we believe you will be able to perform them.

If you are already making regular push-ups with ease we can offer something different to try…

10 Push-up Variations To Boost More Strength

1) Wide-grip push-up – Great for forming your chest

2) T push-up – All body workout

3) Feet-elevated push-ups – Upper body workout

4) Narrow-grip push-up – Triceps workout

5) Single-leg push-up – Upper body workout

6) Atomic push-up – Upper body and chest workout

7) Clap push-up – Chest workout

8) One-arm push-up – Arms and chest workout

9) Pike push-up – Shoulders workout

10) Spiderman push-up – Core body workout

Stay fit and have fun!

Pic by: www.flickr.com/photos/effjohn