Jabra Ear Buds For Fitness Fans

Preview of the Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless Ear buds

Talking about headset and speaker phones, Jabra is one of the renowned company, making communication easier for mobile phone users, office based employees all over the world. Their headsets are popular because of their innovative design and are recognized as of gold standard.

Jabra’s latest product, Sports Pulse Wireless Ear buds, is another marvelous equipment that will actually fulfill the needs of earphone users, especially those who use it during workouts and sports. The product has been developed with best technologies incorporated that will take the training session and your workouts to the next level.

Innovative and attractive features

As the name suggests, wireless ear buds enables you to experience complete freedom of movement without any sort of trouble. Its main features are in-ear precision heart rate monitor, immersive Dolby® sound, and real-time voice coaching that will make you more passionate about your trainings.

Powerful speakers

It has powerful speaker that will provide world-class wireless sound.

Enhanced music experience

Its customizable enhanced music experience will give Dolby® sound through its Jabra Sound app. The app will help you create and browse playlists and share music. It also has built-in graphic equalizer that lets you control the emotions the music brings. The Jabra Sound app also gives full-spectrum sound to the content you’ve streamed over YouTube.

The training solution and built-in training management


As mentioned previously, its precise biometric in-ear heart rate monitor ensure that you always train in your comfortable workout zone. Its personalized audio coaching updates you about your progress throughout your workout session. This features are both compatible with Android and iOS devices.

The Jabra’s brilliant Sport Life app enables you to get maximum benefits by helping you track, plan and keep focus on your workout.

Built-in fitness testing

It facilitates you even in testing your fitness level. Not only that, it also allows you to adjust heart rate training zones, and to establish personal goals depending upon distance traveled, time, or calories burned.
It is simple as that.

In Conclusion

JABRA SPORT PULSE WIRELESS EAR BUDS is a revolutionary tech gadget that has exceptional features like, Omni Directional/noise filter Microphone, Hifi frequency response, 1 microphone and 2 speakers and voice guidance in different languages, Bluetooth connectivity talk time of 5 hours, standby time: Up to 240 hours, music play time of 5 hours having USB charging and battery type Lithium Ion battery.

With all these features combined together, there is no reason why you should doubt the productivity of this device. We recommend it to all tech and fitness enthusiasts out there.

You can pre-order the ear buds from the Jabra’s website for the price of $ 199.99. The shipping is expected to start from Oct. 1st.