The Perfect Sport For You? Which One Is It?

Without any doubt sport is the perfect remedy for stress, low immune system and overweight. Because people are different, with different characters and body shapes, therefore for everyone the suitable sport is different. Check which one is yours here:

Riding a Bicycle

Riding a bicycle is very convenient. Compared to running or swimming is less straining to the muscles, so you can practice it for a long time without getting tired. Riding a bicycle is easy on the bones and joints, so it is very suitable for people with problems there. It is very useful for the heart and circulatory system, because while loading opposite muscle groups, strengthens your blood vessels.

What is more it is an easy way to loose weight for the fast fat burn. One hour of riding a bicycle is 300 to 600 burned calories, depending on how often you train.

Heel-And-Toe Walk

It is perfect for people who are a little bit lazier or have never practice any kind of sport, because it requires less effort and concentration. This sport is good manly for your hips and back parts. Be careful about your posture while training because if it is not correct you may have problems with your joints.

You can use this for weight loss if you train regularly. One hour of heel-and-toe walking means 400 calories burned. It stimulates the blood flow, insulin production and strengthens the bones. It is wise to train for 30 minutes every other day so that your body can recover. It’s better if you train in the morning because this is the time for fast calories burn.


Unlike the previous ones, here the feet are under a great stress. In each step the front part of the foot takes full weight of the body and also the knee joints are affected. That is why jogging is not very suitable for starters or old people with no experience in sports. Running is great for cardio and shaping hips and back parts. Also it is very good for the brain, because it stimulates the growth of new cells in the brain. It helps recycling the dead cells and betters the memory. One hour is equal to 600 calories burned.

If you are able try to run on grass or soft ground. This will spear your feet.


Usually in the fitness gym we train with trainer who has made a special program for us. You don’t need expensive equipment and there is no sufficient risk for hurting if you consider well your weights. As calories burned fitness is equal to running but it could shape the whole body in the desired look.

At the beginning, if you don’t have an experience in sports, it is good to start with two trainings a week for one hour. Don’t forget to worm up, it’s essential to protect yourselves from injuries. A cool shower after hard training will refresh you and return the normal body rhythm.


One of the best sports. It is suitable for everybody no matter of their weight. It betters the posture, strengthens the muscles, regulates your breathing and makes your skin smooth and elastic.

For one hour swimming you can burn more than 600 calories. The different styles are helping for different parts of the body. For example, while swimming front crawl, you work for your belly and arms, but with Breast stroke you work for hips and breathing.

Be careful for swimming is stimulating the appetite and you can not eat for at least half an hour before entering the pool.


Practicing yoga is for those who want to make a step towards self-knowledge. Simultaneously relax muscles and mind as you learn to breathe properly. Yoga is a sport for people of normal weight who do not seek weight loss. You can train as in specialized centers, and at home.

Yoga is suitable for pregnant women as it helps to more easily overcome the pains of childbirth and develop breathing techniques. There are special techniques of course. Prerequisite, however, is prior consultation with the GP and the presence of the instructor during class.

Adrenaline sports

If you are lovers of adrenaline, then you are suitable for sports such as surfing, mountain biking and climbing. They will tone and strengthen your body, thanks to the high level of physical activity, which will undergo. At the same time, extreme sports are a fun way to get rid of worries, but if you are a novice, seek first the help of someone more experienced.

And which one is yours now?