Shoulder muscles workouts

3 Exercises Superset: Perfect Shoulders Without Injuries

When we are talking about perfect shoulders, we have to deal with our upper-body. Heavy loads, giving strength to the muscles will make you feel more confident about our daily life activities.

In my house, I have two dumbbells that I am daily practicing with. I use them as a traditional ways to get my shoulders strong enough to lift my stuff. But frankly, I realized that this process is good for simple effects not to have a perfect shoulders superset, therefore I began to go to the gym and use the barbell and the Smith machine. From then on, my shoulders were on their way to be entirely grown and felt the importance of the gym to be in and the trainer to be trained under.

This is a part of an email we have received lately. We have decided to give you additional push with some guides. And Here Are Some Shoulder Superset Guides We Can Advise You To Do At Home:

The Weights

It’s known that the best way to develop size and strength at the same time is lifting heavy weights and make little reps (around six reps). But remember: try to start with lighter weights until you find your way toward heavy ones.

Windmill Exercise

There are a lot of exercises you can perform with dumbbells or other simple tools in your home. For example, you can do the windmill. Hold a dumbbell in your hands. Bend your body towards. Place one arm straight over your head and other should be straight down to your feet.  Now change your arms making circular movements and keep your hands straight.

Push Press

Hold one dumbbell in each arm. Gather your hands around your body and lift the dumbbells on the line of your shoulders. Now push them up to fully straighten your hands and them take them in the starting position.

Renegade Row with Rotation

This is one exercise that you can perform in traditional push ups position. it’s Renegade Row with Rotation at the end. Begin in a push up position, supporting yourself on your dumbbells. Straigthen your hands and rotate your body on one hand only and then rotate back and push it to starting position. Know do that with other hand.