Light Fitness Workouts During Pregnancy

One of the major signs that usually accompany pregnancy is the change in body structure and physique. A lot of women during this stage of conception are peculiar about how they would look as the pregnancy begins to advance. It is a common place to have all the body structure expanding to accommodate the expected baby. It naturally becomes obvious that the woman is pregnant and carrying a life.

However, pregnancy is not a period of having all that much weight and looking over weight. There certain simple and workable fitness that can be carried out, without causing any threat to mother and child. Some of which are:

Brisk Walking

It is important the woman at the early stage of the pregnancy take a walk on a daily basis, half one mile per day would do. This will help to reduce any form of excess weight that may be building up as a result of the pregnancy. It is important to note that at the early stage of Day 1 to 3 months the foetus can be threatened by vigorous workouts, so it is important to do light workout.

Continuous Pacing During A Busy Day

Common among working mothers, it is important to do regular breath pacing. Inhaling and exhaling at intervals, helps to keep the regular flow of oxygen into the lungs and blood flow to the brain. In situations where you may have to sit glued to your chair for a long time, it is necessary you walk around every one hour and do inhalation and exhalation. This will help to keep the constant flow of blood to the legs and invariable supply the necessary amount the brain needs.


Some people may have advised this, yet some form of reservation has to be taken before skipping is done. As much as the pregnancy may be in its early stage it not advisable to carry out regular skipping exercise. If you must skip, then it has to be once a week for four weeks only and not exceeding six weeks of pregnancy. It is important to take a lot of water and fruits during the course of skipping exercise.

Gymnasium Workouts

During pregnancy you could decide to visit the gymnasium for regular workouts and muscle exercises. It is not out of place, as this helps to keep the blood vessels intact. However, avoid any exercise that would put pressure on the tummy, such as pushups, pull ups, twist etc.


This is a very useful and effective exercise, both to mother and child. Dancing helps to keep the child in good emotional state and well being! Dancing as an exercise helps the mother to burn out unwanted fats and calories in the system that invariable could result to overweight. It is one of the most effective exercises a pregnant mother could engage in, at all stages of the pregnancy even to the point of deliverable. It has got no side effect and proven to release necessary adrenalin required for delivery.


This cannot be an outright exercise; however it is an important step to fitness for pregnancy. It is important the mother gets enough sleep, as this helps to ensure the regular flow of blood and air to all parts of the body. Sleeping posture matters a lot in keeping fit during pregnancy, lying at a designated posture helps to keep the baby safe and healthy.

As the pregnancy advances and begins to protrude, it is associated with waist pain along the spinal cord region. One of the ways to ensure the pains is reduced, is to relax on a chair with a 450 posture keeping the back well placed on the chair. It is best to avoid sofas and foam chairs, as this causes some form of weakness.