Shred body in no time

How To Shred Your Body In No Time

You want to know how to shred your body in no time? Well, here’s how. However, you will first have to determine just how much weight you have to lose. This can be done using a Body Mass Index calculator to determine if you are in a healthy weight for your height. Once this is done you can then set a target date to accomplish your weight loss goal! A target date should be realistic in order for it to be accomplished.

One must also realize that shredding body weight has a lot more to do with…

simplicity, variety and consistency!

Maintaining a simple approach to weight loss simply means eating foods you are comfortable with whilst giving you the desired amount of calories.

Also a varied approach to weight loss involves being flexible, eating different foods that bring the same or similar results. Adopting a rigid regimen might just end up making the process of weight loss difficult and inconvenient. So be flexible. Lastly, and most importantly be consistent. Draw up a plan and stick to it. If your goal is to consume about a 1500 calories a day, stick to that.

Now as we know the basic principles, let’s begin…

The basic approach to shredding body weight involves understanding the foods to eat at each meal. For example a 1500 calories diet plan would probably involve one protein and fruit for breakfast and a protein plus vegetable and leafy greens, starch, and fruit for lunch. Whilst dinner would involve a protein as well as a unit of Starch/Grain including two portions of vegetables and Leafy Greens and a single unit of taste enhancers.

The next step is realizing what constitutes a portion size.

A portion or unit of protein could be anything from a cup or 250 grams of plain yoghurt or cottage cheese or four ounces, a hundred grams of cooked fish or lean meat.

A portion of fruit could range from a cup or 80 grams of cut fruit or half that amount in fruit juice. Also note that fresh or frozen fruits should be the more preferred option to dried fruits or even fruit juices

Generally speaking vegetables have the lowest amount of calories in any category of foods. Eighty grams of any vegetable should constitute a portion. However, the calories contained in lettuces are so low that they can be consumed in any amount.

Protein snacks have far lesser amount of calories than can be obtained from a unit or portion of protein. Besides the average protein snack bar, 250 ml or a cup of nonfat milk could also serve as a protein snack.

Cut down alcohol and win!

Once you have the basic idea of what constitutes a portion or a unit size, you can then put a menu together which would have to be followed using the basic approach on how to shred yourbody in no time earlier laid down. This is simply, but let’s repeat, being flexible, keeping things simple and being consistent.

It is also advisable to reduce your consumption of alcohol to cut down on weight. It is amazing just how many calories alcohol contains. Alcohol can be a source of weight gain when consistently consumed over time.

Move, people, move!

Lastly, become more active. Developing regular exercise routines can aside from its countless health benefits, help shed off that excess and unnecessary weight. Find an exercise you enjoy doing and make it a routine.

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