HIIT- High Intensity Interval Training – More To Know

What is HIIT and why we use it?

Lose Weight

We may find a lot of obese people around us today, no wonder we can understand the real cause of their physique. It may be an unhealthy dietary habit or an absolute no workout attitude. It leads to accumulation of fat in the body to an extent that people start looking disfigured and often lazy in stature. No matter whatever excess weight one has gained, it may lead to any health hazard in life. Losing weight is the only option to avoid encounter with such a situation. However easy it may seem to hear but trust me it may not be that easier to actually accomplish it. But there is good news, yes …. One can indeed lose weight, burn more calories even by spending lesser time on the exercises.


One may seem to disagree with the above statement however it is a fact and a proven mechanism to lose weight and fat and improve one’s cardiovascular fitness. Well I know the curiosity to know this mechanism must be increasing by the time you read this article or maybe you also must be feeling this might another kind of fooling advertisement but indeed this is one of the answers to the frequently asked questions, “How does one lose weight with less exercises”?


If you too are struggling to find an answer to the above question, you are on the correct page. We will provide you the information on the mechanism and techniques to lose weight and take your fitness to an altogether new level without even spending a lot of time at the gym or fitness center. A lot of fitness centers and gym promise you packages for weight reduction in a short span of time but they never have proved to be long lasting since they impart this weight loss as a temporary phase. If you want to practice weight loss as a permanent solution to avoid becoming obese or fat then High Intensity Interval Training, also known as HIIT is the ideal solution.

HIIT is nothing but a special form of exercise, which includes intervals of exercises in maximum and minimum intensity, separated by short and long intervals respectively. The maximum intensity exercises are to be worked out for shorter durations followed by lower intensity exercises to continue a steady state exercise mechanism for the body. In simple terms one has to really do a hard workout for a short period of time and then give the body a recovery period to maintain a steady heart rate. For e.g., a hard workout of 30 seconds followed by a 2 minute recovery period including a small walk or jog. This mechanism can be repeated for best results over a period of time.

Key Benefits

  • Efficient Workout Mechanism: We all face shortage of time due to our busy schedule and often this becomes an excuse to avoid exercising. However studies have shown and proved that 15-minute HIIT can achieve more results than jogging over a treadmill each day for an hour. It is also known to improve ones aerobic capacities.
  • More Fat burning: HIIT induces one’s body into a state of hyperdrive by the intense workouts to activate the body’s repair cycle.
  • Heart Workout: Due to the extreme intensity workouts with intervals of low intensity workouts the heart gets trained and fitter each time HIIT performed.
  • No Equipment Mechanism: HIIT can be performed without the use of any equipment or machines. This training includes anything from rope jumping, rowing, running, biking, cycling, etc. everything just works fine being part of HIIT. One has to remember that it is type of Cardio exercise and hence pushing heart to its maximum capacity is very necessary in HIIT.
  • No Muscle Loss: Being a steady Cardio exercise, there is less chances of losing the muscle mass since it also helps dieters to preserve their muscles at the same time lose weight.
  • Improved Metabolism: HIIT also supports a lot of other body functions as it increases the production of Human growth hormone in the body, which is also helpful for burning calories at the same time slowing the aging process.
  • Anytime-Anywhere Mechanism: Since it does not involve equipment one can perform HIIT anytime anywhere.
  • Format: Since it is a short format exercise one can efficiently perform this task over a short time and hence one will be dedicated fully. It will produce good results over a period of time.