Friday Night Low-Calorie Drinks: Salute With Gin And Tonic

It’s Friday again and we are facing the weekend, so it’s time for great low-calorie cocktails as usual. This weekend we bet on something old as the World, and it would be Gin And Tonic. This energizing drink is perfect one not to break your diet at once. Nothing better than a time-proved cocktail with a small amount of calories in it. Well, this time we will make a small adjustment just to make it even more lighter. We will use soda water instead of the full amount of tonic and add just a little bit of the bitter liquid.

So, what you will need?

  • 1/2 part Gin
  • 1/2 part Soda water
  • A splash of Tonic
  • Ice on cubes
  • One resin of lemon or lime(up to your choice)

How to prepare? It’s easy!

Mix the Gin, the Soda and the ice cubes in a tall water glass and garnish with the lemon resin. You can add some mint leaves if you like. They will give fresh flavor to your drink and will add some visual element to the glass as well.

Calories intake: 120 calories per serving.

Pic by: bethanykhan