Fitness Program – How To Start


If you have been dreaming for a perfect physique, a well toned and maintained body, no doubt you must be trying hard to achieve your goal. Although it may take time and lot of perseverance, we know that it is a difficult rather impossible task to achieve without working out a schedule. And for those who have been dreaming for it, however unable to even take a positive step towards it, we are here to inform them about the do’s and don’ts of engaging into a fitness program.


We all are aware that our lives have become so very busy that none of us have any time to look at ourselves or even try to pamper or care for our health. Although we know and understand the importance of our health in maintaining our struggle to win bread, we often take our health for granted and keep avoiding exercising and workout. It is not sufficient for us to only know that we need to do workouts and exercises to keep our bodies in tone, but rather we need to develop strategies and evolve with specific exercise program. Not only does one have to develop such programs but have to strive to keep them going. Research studies have shown that there are many occasions that beginners struggle to keep up with the program and often drop them on the excuses for restrictions of time.

However, one should keep encouraging beginners at the same time those who have dropped fitness programs due to some reasons. One of the Studies of researchers from University of Missouri states that when strategies to change behavior was shown to some adults with illnesses their activity levels increased significantly on the other hand this was not achieved when they were just given insights and information on the exercises that they needed to work out.


One has to be action oriented in nature to begin with whenever they want to make some change or impact of exercise on their bodies. It is not just necessary to talk or plan rather implementation with strategically thinking which drives to bring about the desired change. One can list down the strategy and activity plans and can over a period of time keep tracking ones activity. By planning in such a manner one can even boost and motivate awareness for exercise.

To help motivate and guide here are a few strategies one can develop and follow to achieve fitness and health.

Set Specific Goals

Instead of being over enthusiastic initially and getting worn out later to fall out of schedule one should set course by planning manageable goals. Planning a workout time and schedule for the week will help achieve this. Writing this task and maintaining a track can even further boost and motivate oneself.

Setting Reminders

In order to avoid skipping an important meeting we all set up calendars and reminders for office schedules. Likewise one can set up reminders on calendars or devices like our appointments or calls. Another means of ensuring that we are reminded of is by maintaining gym bag in the car boot or keeping jogging shoes near the door , reminding us of the task at hand.

Setting Rewards For Self

Everyone feels overwhelmed and encouraged when one receives a reward for accomplishment. Likewise one can set up goals to be achieved and upon achievement reward self by a treat like movie, pedicure or massages. This will motivate yourself to be on track with exercising and fitness program.

Good Workout Shoes

In order to keep yourself from other problems one should maintain and invest in a good pair of shoes, which has proper cushioning and support for workout. One should even replace them once they are worn out may be 3-6 months later.

Cherish Companionship

One can help keep motivated by the company of another friend trying to achieve the same objective. It even makes your fitness program more fun.

Slow Beginning

As stated earlier one should begin slowly and maintain pace while going for the complete program

Using Get-Going Devices

To keep motivating and adding up energy to workouts one can get going with music players and iPods.

Getting to basics

Start with basic exercises instead of opting for complicated equipment.