Fitbit Flex Fitness Gear

Fitbit Flex – Fitness Gear You Will Want

This great small fellow will help you track whatever you want in your daily routine. It will help you monitor your health and your progress no matter if you are looking to gain muscle or lose weight. It is just perfect in it’s simplicity of design which makes it a wearable fashion device you will love.

With this gadget and the app that goes with it you can easily track:

  • heart rate;
  • calories intake;
  • calories burned;
  • your weight;
  • sleep taken;
  • steps walked;
  • distance walked;
  • water consumed;
  • and even share it with your friends.

The market of fitness gadgets and apps is really crowded already which is some kind a cool. Everyone likes to be noticed and as we can see the developers have found that users need fitness devices badly.

Fitbit Flex is very well positioning in this segment with it’ features, design and price which is very competitive to the others gadgets. What do you think about it?