Eating Less Will Lose Weight – A Myth

Almost every time when we think of losing weight we think of lowering our food, or even cutting most of it and sometimes those who are more sports type include exercises. This turns out to be one of the biggest myths and mistakes that we can actually do and it has a perfectly reasonable explanation.

When we are depriving our body from the necessary nutrients, in order to save itself, it turns on a regime which we can call “starvation mode”. And instead of losing actual fat it is keeping it for later and it starts losing muscle mass. Not long after that your body will feel exhausted and you will become frustrated from the fact that the effect you are searching for seems unachievable.

All this is due to the self reserving function of your body. So if it feels that you are starving it will continue to keep the fat in itself in order to have storаge for “black days”. It could even slower your metabolism. Adding exercises on top of all that will add additional stress to your body and you can face much more serious problems as infections and etc.

But don’t worry there is a solution. Actual fat burning – fight fire with fire!

There is an interesting way of looking of the process of losing actual fat. Remember the fire – if you are not feeding it it will burn out. It is almost the same with your body and its metabolism. You have to give it the proper amount of calories and nutrients in order not to make it turning the “starvation mode“. This way your body won’t try to self preserve and it won’t be long for the exercises to show their effect.

So count your calories. Try to find the balance of health amount nutrients and exercises. Eat at small portions but more often. For example have a breakfast, after that a morning snack, lunch and an afternoon snack then have your dinner. Include in your menu lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, and fiber rich foods. This way you will keep your body working.

Adjust the daily calories number according to what your body needs. A calorie goal should be a moving target. Because the lighter you are, the less calories you need to keep your energy level up and maintain your weight. If you want to lose you should be consuming a little bit less calories than the amount you burn.

What is more, consider this, you are trying to lose weight and you’ve decided on cutting the calories to minimum. How long will it takes to get sick of not eating and turn back to your old regime. So first set your goals – are they short term or long term.

Don’t be upset if the first few days you gain instead of losing weight. There is a perfectly simple explanation for this. Your body is still in a storage mode and it will take a few days to adjust to the new regime. So don’t get discourage and stay on course.

The moral of the day is – eat yourself properly, keep your body healthy and the exercises will pay off faster than you can think of.