Eating Clean – Where To Start And Why

How eating clean is good for your health and your body and what you have to know about it? It has really simple and easy to follow concept. This concept is based on the way your food passes from its origins to your plate. It is more about eating whole foods rather than processed, handled or/and refined ones. However in our World this becomes more and more difficult because of the contemporary food industry and the way it exists.

Let’s Be Clear Here On What “Processed” Actually Means:

  • Forget about the vitamins post-added in your cereal, remove the salt and sugar from everything you eat. You know that preservatives keep the food in good condition for a longer period but they are suggested as processing as well.
  • Chemicals are not allowed as you may guess. Or everything that has been added to the food in a lab.
  • Changing the original form of the food. Making apples to apple juice or everything you can imagine.
  • Cooking is a processing of course.

Why Processing Is So Bad For Your Body And Why You Should Avoid It?

Well we should say it is not so bad. Or at least not generally.

“Processing is not always bad,” according to Jessica Fanzo, assistant professor of nutrition at Columbia University. “Often processing removes toxins or bacteria, or allows for us to eat certain types of foods in off-season due to freezing or canning.”

And if we must be fair we can not put in one line pasteurized milk and oatmeal cereals with diet Coke or doughnuts. The thing that differs the ones mentioned before is that the diet Coke and the doughnuts are ultra-processed food. The thing that we really need to avoid because of its artificial structure.

And We Are Up To The Problem With The Ultra-Processed Food

There are many problems that are linked to the ultra-processed food as are infertility and cancer, for example. The modifications are ones you can blame about are made with so called GMOs (genetically modified organisms). That is connected that ultra-processed food are often less on nutrients that are needed for your better health, or has been added with products to stimulate the production of dopamine. Hormone that works as a pleasure transmitter. This, however, makes us craving for those kind of foods more often and that is what makes us gain weight and have bad health.

Some Ideas On How To Eat Clean As A Start

Unprocessed food:

  • Fresh Fruits
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Farm Eggs
  • Nuts
  • Dried Legumes

Low-processed food is:

  • Frozen fruit and vegetables
  • Corn, pasta
  • Whole grains with no refining
  • Dairy without added hormones
  • Oils
  • Unprocessed meat

Remember that hormones and chemicals can be found in pesticide treated foods so better avoid them. And do not get in deception, clean food is not calorie-free food, so quantities should be the same as you are eating processed food. If you are looking for weight loss you can start by separating your plate in four and eat one/fourth less. This is a great way to lose weight, because that way you will start eating 25% less.

How To Cook Clean Foods

Steaming is the most accurate way to cook clean food. Better eat the fruit and the veggies uncooked but if you like use the steaming method. Another great way is to stir-fry your food. With almost no oils and you should look to keep your food’s integrity.

So, Are you ready to start eating clean?

Pic by: williamismael