Eat Fat, Lose Fat

Eating fats is not so scary any more. Read below and feel confident about it…

Let us show you how to lose fat by just… eating fats. Yes not all fats are necessarily bad fats and we are here to prove this right. In fact healthy fats have more benefits and pros than cons. They are needed for better body metabolism and provide cell signaling as well. Fats are significant for many tissues, hormone productivity and to keep us satisfied.

Healthy fats can give us better eye vision and improve brain function. The immune system is closely connected with the intake of good fats. So we have a small list with 5 fats you have to eat to lose fat, and they are related to better metabolism, better brain function and health benefits you can’t even imagine.

Extra virgin olive oil

This is one of the best ingredients to help you prevent heart decease and reduce or balance blood pressure levels. You can use it as a salad dressing or to cook with it. It is known to be a good brain food too as it is one of the best fats to lose weight even without changing other part of your daily routine.


You can use avocados to add great flavor value to your dish without warring about breaking your diet plan.  Avocados are rich in monounsaturated fats that will keep bad cholesterol levels down and will help you burn more body fat.

Nut Butter

Maybe this one will surprise you. Nut butter is beneficial as well as the other items of the list. Well if you are able not to overindulgence with it. Remember to avoid butter with added sugar in it as it want help you reduce your body fats. Diet experts use nut butter as a great small middle-day snack for almost every food plan they draw. It’s rich in calories and provides small portions of protein as well.


Another great healthy fats source. The almonds are rich in vitamin E and will help you be a part of the group of people that are, more likely, to avoid having type 2 diabetes.


Eggs yolk is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids and is rich on B vitamins, choline and will help you regulate brain function, cardiovascular and nervous systems. Recent research claims that the cholesterol contained in the eggs is not bad one so you can be calm about it. It can even help men to produce more testosterone, which plays lead role in weight and fat loss process.

We are sure you already have a different look on fats and will add them to your diet plan as soon as possible in moderate portions of course.

Pic by: jonolist