Burn Those Fats – Daily Routine

Hey it’s time to get your daily routine started, right? But still don’t know where to start. Neila Rey make this easier for you. She has made a great poster with also great daily burn workout routine for her readers. We wanted to share this with you.

So there it is:

  1. 10 half jacks
  2. 8 plank jacks
  3. 8 elbow plank arm lifts
  4. 10 reverse lunges
  5. 6 push-ups
  6. 10 squats
  7. 16 climbers
  8. 8 plank jump-ins
  9. 30 seconds plank

We suggest you to make 10 seconds break between the exercises for best effect on this HIIT training.

Once more thanks Neila Rey for this Daily Burn Workout article.