Black Friday Low-calorie Drink: Afterbirth Remake

It’s Black Friday! If are done with the shopping and want to drink something refreshing  in this beautiful winter evening bet on us. We done this great cocktail recipe remake just for you.

Who said that weight loss is to stick with hard diets and so on. Not we at all. This Friday we are introducing the “Afterbirth” cocktail remake recipe.

What you will need for “Afterbirth” Remake?

  • 4/5 oz.(22 ml) Smirnoff Vodka
  • Blackcurrant juice
  • Ice cubes

How to prepare

Use high glass and place the ice cubes up to the top of the glass. Pour the vodka and top up with the blackcurrant juice. Because of the ice in the glass the juice will be about 2 oz. (50 ml.). Which makes this recipe one of the low-calorie line cocktails we introduce. You can garnish with forest fruits if you have some, otherwise you can use a lemon or orange peel up to your choice.

Nutritional information: Around 150 calories per serving.

Pic by: edsel_