The Big Fat Lie About The Calories

In 2009 there was a documentary showing the life of four people with excessive weight problems. The name of this movie was – Larger than Life: 33 000 calories a day. That movie shows how this four people were taking thousands of calories a day. One named Paul has reached 33 thousands calories a day – really huge number!

Despite the fact that Paul can’t get up from his bed, they were calculated that his body needs about 4 500 calories a day to maintain this weight. Using this simple math it turns out that Paul’s intake is more than 28 500 calories over it’s needs and that is every day.

Theoretically he must gain:

  • 9 pounds (4 kilograms) a day;
  • 63 pounds(28 kg) a week;
  • 252 pounds(120 kg) a month;
  • 1512 pounds(720 kg) for a half an year!!!

Why all of this isn’t happening? Where did this twenty-eight thousand five hundred calories go?

Actually, no one knows! But it is more than interesting why every time when it comes to diet plans and regimes, the “Laws of Thermodynamics” pops up. Let’s look at them for a while and why we can not apply them to the human body.

The Laws Of Thermodynamics or Bio-dynamics?

There are four laws of thermodynamics but we are interested only in the first one, which is most often a word of the conversation. It is connected with the preservation of energy and says: The energy is constant in a closed system – or in the other words: The energy can not be created or destroyed. It only can change it’s form.

And there is the conclusion that if we take more calories than we can spend they want just disappear. They will be allocated in form of fats and will remain in our body in the hips, abdomen and butts.

The problem with this Law and this conclusion is obvious. Our bodies are not closed systems and have other connections with the environment. The human body is an open system – we go to the bathroom, we sweat and more, and more. We inhale oxygen and exhale carbon hydroxide.

According to the Laws Of Thermodynamics, if we gain weight and fats, that means that our intake exceeds our need for calories and we can not use them.

But for regret this Law did not say us WHY. Why we take more than we need and we can spend? Why we overeat? Why we collect fats?

The answers of all of these questions are hidden in the  Bio-dynamics. We can look for our problems and solutions here, instead of in the thermodynamics.

The statement “eat less, exercising more” can not affect the state in which we find ourselves. All we see of it after each failed diet. Yet we wonder, why didn’t it worked?

We all know at least one person who eats less than he must and do a lot of cardio but still gains fats. Why this formulas didn’t work for him? Which part of the Law is not working here?

The problem with this formula to work in human is that he accepts the spend calories and the calories intake as two separate variables, which doesn’t influence each other. I.e. we accept the statement that when we eat less and train more, we believe that the calories intake has no connection with how much calories the body will burn.

On the other hand we accept the following statement as well – no matter how much calories we burn this will not affect the amount of calories the body will want to gain.

That is where we, for our regret, are wrong!

The Truth About Metabolism

We can not influence the one variable without the other. Despite this, everyone are explaining how we need to calculate our calories intake based on a formula. After that we need to reduce the result with a magical number – for example 500 and than enjoy the magic that will happen with our fats. WRONG! If we try this in the real life we will see that this doesn’t work that way. We will be starving with slow metabolism!

That is how it work in real life!

More calories intake (↑) = fast metabolism (↑) + low hunger (↓)

Less calories intake (↓) = slow metabolism (↓) + starving (↑)

There is a reason about this hunger and a slow metabolism. The reason is that the body is a great compensator. When it spends more energy in the daily routine or when exercising it will look for more food, to fuel the cells. In the other hands, we will feel more stronger carvings.

Eat less, exercise more – this an endless hunger strategy! Maybe this is the reason many people can not stick to any diet plan.

Soon or later the hunger will prevail and you will return to its “normal” eating regime, but your body will be in “safe mode”. To maintain energy in normal limits it will start to collect more energy for the future and this will result in fats gin process. Accept that your body is controlled by your brain but it is you that understand what is going on, not the body. The body is just a performer and it sticks to a predefined scheme. It doesn’t know if you decide to starve in the future again. That is how the weight is going up and you will find yourself in the so called “yo-yo” effect. Every time you are trying to trick your body that way it will win!

The Laws Of Thermodynamics makes us play with numbers. We count calories, fats, carbohydrates, proteins and more. Some of us count their steps with some contemporary phone app. And at last we all are looking for the numbers of the scale.

And when it comes to the scale…

Many people are obsessed with the scale. They measure their weight when they get in the fitness or when they see scale somewhere else. That is not a problem. I understand them. They want to see progress. The problem with the scale is that it doesn’t tell us the whole story. What is the weight you lose or gain? Water? Fats? Muscles?

If you focus on only one number you will be fooled! This scales doesn’t come with warnings like – your weight can vary 2-3 pounds(1-2 kg) in a day, or you can not gain 2 pounds(1 kg) of fat for a single day. It doesn’t work that way!

The number on the scale doesn’t mean anything alone!

This is the reason why when our goal is only to lose weight no matter the source of this weight loss is, we fail! We are trying to fix a problem, when in the mean time we are creating new and this reflects to our health.

There is no sense in what we do!

Weight loss is not a play with numbers. There is nothing in common with the Thermodynamics, calories, fats, carbohydrates and proteins. There is nothing in common with the numbers the scale displays, or the time we run on the path.

Everything is in the hormones!

Source:, Pic by pinksherbet