A Healthy Way To Lose Weight

Losing weight without any bad impacts on your health is possible. Try to follow these simple, convenient and immediate weight loss tips and we will lead you to success in a few steps.

Light Exercises

Exercise, this is essential for increasing your metabolism so that you can burn calories and fats faster and lose weight. Few common exercises, that you will be able to perform no matter what, are: Walking at least for 45 min., weight lifting, dumbbell swing, light sports in your routine.

Drink Green Tea

Studies show that including green tea to your diet plan could be helpful weight loss idea. It is one of the best options because Cations in it serve as antioxidants and make weight loss easier and faster.

Water As A Substitute

Water is most important in daily routine, it makes metabolic activity work easily and helps quick digestion of food and also keep you away from over eating at the time of taking any sort of meal.

Eat Veggies And Fruits, Instead Of Snacks

Veggies and fruits are another good and easy way for losing weight. They’re easy to grab when you’re hungry and are very rich on fiber. You can have fresh fruit or vegetable salad daily instead of fried potato chips to eliminate the habit of munching down something.

Breakfast Is Essential

Having breakfast helps your metabolism works in proper manner. If you skip it, you’re likely to eat more during the day in no order. Study of people who lost weight shows, that a major step they did in the right direction was that they add breakfast to their daily eating plan. Whole grain cereals, whole grain breads, eggs and salad are all healthy choices you can make.

The Three Food Types Method

You should consider that your plate should have low or non-starchy veggies like cauliflower, string beans, mushrooms, leafy greens and some fruit. Another part should be of a whole grain like brown rice, barley etc. And the last third part have to contain protein like sauteed, roasted, or baked (not fried) chicken or turkey, fish, lean cuts of meat, eggs.This three parts of your meal are very best when separated in the daily meals. For example: vegies(carbohydrates) and/or some protein at breakfast, whole grain at lunch and some protein for dinner.

Shrink Your Plate

If you eat in a big plate, replace it with smaller one, this will reduce the quantity of the food taken. Using smaller quantities of food are definitely an easy way to lose weight. As there’s less food in front of you to eat, you’ll be able to have the will change your routine.

Avoid Particular Foods

Try to minimize the use of sugar in your daily food intake, as it is the biggest contributor in gaining weight. Other foods to avoid includes chocolate, cake, brownies, seed oil, highly processed food, junk food and foods having chemicals and artificial ingredients.

Sleep Properly

Wake up earlier in the morning and you’ll see good signs of weight loss. Researches have shown that, even keeping yourself deprived from sleep can lead to quick weight gain. Similarly, proper night sleep will not only helps to avoid you weight gain, it is also found that people face depression and stresses while not getting enough sleep. Staying up late at work will make you take some additional food during that period.


Following such routine have obvious benefits including reducing body fat, maintaining blood sugar, balance blood pressure, reduce the stress, increase good cholesterol and remove bad cholesterol.

Pic by:  tavallai