7 Sports That Burn More Calories

Gaining some overweight may be worrisome and will surely put pressure on your health. In shedding those accumulated calories there are certain sports that could help you burn out those calories in no time. These sports are much more than just a pleasure. They directly take off the excess weight along the belly button region, the bum and other areas of your body as you exercise consistently.

As we said before we will try to give you a list with short description for everyone of them. The following sporting activities are best recommended to burn down the calories:

1. Cycling

It’s beyond sports and leisure but a deliberate attempt to shed calories that have built up over time. This sport involves the entire body from the head down to the toes. It has been proved that with the help of cycling you can burn 1000 calories per hour on average. This sport involves a conscious ride at a targeted ending and starting point. If you had not cycled for a long while before, you may need to start at a gradual and consistent process. You could pick short distance of about 3-4 miles to and from your destination at a steady cycling pace. The effect is that more blood is pumped into and out of your heart and it circulates to your legs. Repeat this process over a month and you will see that the excess weight along the laps and hip region has begun to diminish.

2. Jogging

Burning of calories in the body always needs to be gradual and consistent to achieve results without yo-yo effect along side, same with the jogging activity here. It is best to practice with a friend. This helps you make it more exciting as it’s in the spirit of teamwork. It makes the result of weight loss much more achievable and easy. The temptation to run may set in, but weight loss cannot be achieved this way, as it’s all about the heartbeat. It needs to pump out blood at a certain pace the heart can take. The pressure on your legs which are carrying the weight of the upper part of the body is also important, so be careful.

3. Swimming

This sport is exciting and fun to every one of all never mind the ages. It is best for the body joints and it also keeps the heart and vitality of your body. Swimming involves the stretching of the arm and leg muscles, putting slight continuous pressure on the shoulders making the joints free. Swimming as a sport greatly helps to burn the calories along the neckline and shoulders. Swimming burns about 650 calories per hour, compared to cycling and jogging. The rate of exhaling and inhaling increase with swimming and also helps the muscles along the lungs. But, the best part is that your body temperature does not go up.

4. Skipping

One of the most effective ways to shed some calories and that fast is to engage in skipping activity. It is much fun and at same time burns the excess weight along the waist and the hip. The pressure on the tip toes as you skip up and down in pace also firms up the muscles on the leg and increase the rate of blood flow. It also increases the rate of respiration and flow of air intake. Skipping keeps the knee joints and ankles free as well as the wrists. Skipping burns as much 1,200 calories per hour on average and takes a lot of energy. It is an ideal weight loss activity for busy people who may not have the luxury of time to go out jogging.

5. Tennis

This sport involves a lot of agility and takes much concentration. It involves the entire body taking part in the exercise. In the game of lawn tennis, you get to run to all ends of the court trying to hit the ball into an opponent’s court and vice versa. The sport puts a firm pressure on the thigh muscles and the wrist, as well as on the shoulders. As a result of the long racket, you get to serve the ball at a certain height to give you an advantage. The tossing up of the serving ball and further smashing as the game proceeds helps you exert pressure on the arms. This burns the calories along the biceps making the muscles firmer along that line.

6. Basketball

It is one of the interesting sports that involves the entire body in the game. The hopping around during this game play also sheds a lot of calories in the body and makes you lighter. It grows stamina. This is only possible with constant body movement and scaling, and hence it burns those calories as you engage in the game.

7. Marathon Race

A lot of caution needs to be taken before engaging in this sport as a weight loss activity. You need to be confirmed to be in good health, have the normal pulse rate and a strong heart. As marathon puts a lot of pressure on the heartbeat and only a heart that has been trained to contain such pressure can withstand the rigors. It works from the brain right to every organ of the body. The distance and time involved in the race makes you shed weight faster. It is best to adopt marathon as a weight loss program having covered some short distances over a long period of time consistently

Pic by: usnavy