7 Foods You Must Include In Your Healthy Diet Plan

You must be looking for weight loss tips, right? There are many weight loss tips you will get from the internet or health magazines, but not all of them might suit you. Hormones are different for everybody – the way they work, the way they rest and so on. But do not lose hope, there are natural and proven methods to lose weight, which we can call secure too. One of that ways is to choose what to eat.  There are many foods that you can include to your daily diet plan. Follow the routine properly will make you see the long awaited result with your own eyes in very short terms.

Here is a list of some healthy foods that ensure your diet plan!


You will get 4 grams of fiber from a medium sized apple, where there will be about 5 grams in a large size apple. Apple, in addition, provides you vitamin C and potassium. It is very useful for weight loss.

Green Beans

If you get 4 grams of fiber from a medium apple, you will get the same amount from a cup of green beans. Furthermore, it also gives a healthy dose of vitamin c, which nourishes your skin greatly.


They are also a decent source of fiber. Some of it is interestingly soluble in the pectin formation. It is usual to get 8 grams of fiber from a cup of raspberries.


In a cup of strawberries, you can find a respectable 3 grams of fiber and a full dose of vitamin c which is enough for your full day living. The antioxidant keeps your skin healthy and looks beautiful too.


Unlike the other foods above, interestingly chickpeas of ¾ cup have a large 8 grams of fiber. You will also receive a plenty amount of folate and vitamin b6. They both are great in forming healthy new body cells.


You should eat a pumpkin raw; wait, just joking. One cup of cooked pumpkin gives you three grams of fiber. That’s not all, you can also benefit from its Vitamin A; daily value of 245% vitamin E, C and potassium.

Sweet Potatoes

A medium sized unpeeled sweet potatoes; 5 inches long and 2 inches wide. Which is a little larger than my PC mouse offers you 5 grams of fiber for only 102 calories. This food is known as the powerhouse of nutrition. It also provides you 438% daily value of sight healthy vitamin A, which are know to be great for the eyes. In addition there, you get 36% of daily value from vitamin c and some more Vitamin E, potassium, phytochemicals (like lutein, carotin, and zeaxanthin), magnesium, Iron.

Something To Consider

You should avoid some foods too to achieve results you want, foods like frosting, bagels, processed baked foods, soda, sugary cereal, stick margarine, bacon, jarred tomato juice, soy sauce, maraschino berries, etc. These foods are detrimental to your health and controversial to your diet plan as well.

Pic by: selma90