5 Myths We Face When Start Working Out

Only one who has not train might say that doesn’t come across on at least one of this myths. We made a list of five of the most common ones that you might already experienced. See how you can led your mind in mistake.

I Can Eat Everything After That Hard Workout I Did

This is a myth. After a hard workout you should be careful what you eat the same way you do if not workout. Eating much or eating not healthy food is a bad way to follow after exercises. You can gain even more after hard workout and this should take you away of inappropriate food.

The Much I Sweat The More I Achieve

This is not exactly true. Excessive sweating might be result from a medical problem or so on. So it is not necessary that the more you sweat, the more you train.

I Will See Results Faster If I Workout More

In general this is true. But only in the beginning. After few weeks your body will start to get tired more fast and the results will plummet. So train regularly with breaks, change the exercises you perform and their order and you will achieve more satisfying results.

I Will Start To Exercise When I Loose Some Weight

This is all wrong. You can not loose weight just by staying in calm condition. Well you can go with few pounds less if you follow eating regime. This, however, want be enough. If you provide some good exercises to your body along with the regimen your results will rocket in no time and you will be very happy with the final view.

I Will Do Crunches To Have Great Abs

Well this is not the perfect exercise for abs  and I believe you know it. No matter how many of them you do, they want be enough to get the six pack out. Tom Holland, M.S., CSCS, author of “Beat the Gym.”  says “This subcutaneous body fat (fat immediately below the skin) must be burned through exercise and decreased caloric intake.” So better focus on your eating regimen to loose fats in your abdominal area.

Hope that this article will help you understand this myths more well and not making this mistakes again.

Pic by: arcticwarrior