3 Weight Loss Tips That Will Work No Matter What

Today there are so many ways of losing weight, both healthy and unhealthy on the long term, but what characterizes a good weight loss program is personalization. Fitness is an aspect that includes not only doing exercise or choosing the right diet; it is all about doing the right type of exercise and choosing the right diet for you. There is no absolute correct way of eating or the proper amount of workout and resistance training that will absolutely get you the results you are after. The reality of fitness, and wellness in general, is that the majority of healthy guidelines work, but it is your determination and focus that ultimately decides whether you will lose wight or… not.

The good news is that there is an abundance of information on weight loss tips and tricks that you can use in your pursuit of the perfect body and optimal health. There are, however, general guidelines that will work, if you apply them, in 99% of the cases, so here are 3 weight loss tips that will work no matter what.

Drink Water

It is generally established that the majority of people does not drink the amount of water necessary for a desirable metabolism. There are basically five main functions of water in the human body, and they are all tied to maintaining an optimal weight and healthy status. In case you didn’t know this, if you’re an adult, the percentage of water in your body is going to range between 50% and 60%, and between 60% and 65%, if you are a man. Essentially, water carries and distributes nourishment to cells, removes toxic waste, participates in body temperature regulation, and, most importantly in weight loss, affects metabolic reactions. It can suppress your appetite, maintains muscle tone and reduce sodium buildup, relieving fluid retention, which is a common reason why people reach plateaus in weight loss. What it does is it helps in the catabolism (breaking down) of your fat deposits, so it is one of the best tips when it comes to being fit and should first come to mind to anyone who desires to be in good health.

Avoid Processed Food

This is really the first advice that should be given to anyone who not only wants to shed a few pounds, but to anyone whose goal is to be healthy. Processed foods have many disadvantages, but probably one of the greatest ones is their potential for causing inflammation, which has been linked to a wide variety of chronic illnesses. To increase shelf life, processed foods must go through removal of factors that will make them “spoil” quickly. Sadly, many of the things that are removed are actually necessary for the healthy function of the organism, and include enzymes, natural fibers, and, as a consequence, vitamins. They are also “enriched” with preservatives and artificial sweeteners, many of which will actually cause obesity. Recent studies have linked additives like MSG (Monosodium Glutamate), a flavor enhancer used mainly in Asian cuisine, and Aspartame, a non-calorie artificial sweetener, to obesity and being overweight.

Get Moving

It is a given that making more physical effort will make you lose weight. There are actually secondary benefits you will get from including more activity in your life, because exercising promotes muscle and bone health, strengthens your immune system to fight disease, slows the aging process, and improves mental acuity. Another thing that regular physical activity does is it reduces anxiety, stress and depression. This is extremely important when it comes to weight loss, because one of the main reasons people overeat is stress. With better emotional health comes better physical health, and exercising is also known for releasing endorphin and an entire variety of hormones that are linked to positive feelings of pleasure, which will renew your confidence and give you a boost throughout your day. Increase your activity by taking a daily walk or jogging every morning. You can find all sorts of interesting games and even dance your favorite style to keep it varied.